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Ancient Irish Fort Damaged by “Thugs”

Monday, July 15, 2013

800px-Grainan of aileachCOUNTY DONEGAL, IRELAND—A group of drunken partiers has been blamed for damaging An Grianan Fort, a circular stone fort that may date as early as 1700 B.C. Stones were pulled from its walls, and tourists were reportedly abused by the vandals. Police officer Eddie Doherty said he found women’s underwear, human excrement, and beer bottles when he arrived at the site. “This monument is one of the best preserved of its kind and I visited it myself some months ago…It has stood the test of time by many invading armies over the years and then this group of thugs come along and invade it and start to dismantle it from the inside,” commented Judge Paul Kelly. Two men have pleaded guilty to throwing historic stones and empty cans of beer.