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Coffin at Grey Friars Church Contains Another Coffin

Monday, July 29, 2013

richard-iii-coffin-1(University of Leicester)LEICESTER, ENGLAND—Archaeologists lifted the lid of a limestone sarcophagus uncovered at Grey Friars church, where the remains of Richard III were found last year. The sarcophagus contained a lead coffin with a cross on its lid that had been soldered on all sides. “It’s in remarkably good nick except for one end where we think water trickling down has degraded the lead, so we could just see the feet. They look to be in very good condition, so we hope to learn a lot more from the bones,” said Matthew Morris of Leicester University. The excavators have also discovered a garden path installed by Richard Herrick, who built a house and garden on the site of the abbey ruins. The path led to Richard III’s grave.