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Tudor Monuments Recreated

Friday, September 06, 2013

TudorMonument(Image courtesy of University of Leicester)LEICESTER, ENGLAND—Scholars from the University of Leicester and their colleagues have combined information from sixteenth-century manuscripts, 3-D laser scanning, 3-D prints, and pieces of two incomplete tombs that had been stored in different museums in order to recreate them as designed by Thomas Howard, the third Duke of Norfolk. One of the elaborate tombs had been intended for himself; the other was for Henry Fitzroy, the Duke of Richmond and the illegitimate son of Henry VIII. But the monuments had not yet been completed when Thetford Priory was dissolved by Henry VIII in 1540. “Parts of two unfinished monuments were salvaged in 1540 and later moved to St Michael’s, Framlingham, Suffolk: other pieces were abandoned in the ruined priory, only to be excavated in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries,” said Philip Lindley of the Department of the History of Art and Film.