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Where Should Richard III Be Reburied?

Friday, September 13, 2013

Richard III PennyLEICESTERSHIRE, ENGLAND—A group of non-direct descendants of Richard III called The Plantagenet Alliance wants the king’s bones to be reinterred in York, rather in Leicester, where his remains were discovered last year. Archaeologists from the University of Leicester hold a Ministry of Justice license that permits them to choose a suitable reburial spot, and they have chosen Leicester Cathedral. The Plantagenet Alliance has secured a judicial review of that decision. “I can understand why Leicester want him, but I think they are doing it for the wrong reasons. They want the tourism. Obviously York has got this, that and the other, but for us it is not about that, it never was. It is about putting Richard in his rightful place,” said group spokesperson Vanessa Roe.