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Fifth-Graders Unearthed Loaded Gun on Archaeology Day

Friday, November 01, 2013

BELCHERTOWN, MASSACHUSETTS—Three fifth-grade boys looking for colonial-era artifacts on their school’s archaeology day uncovered a loaded Smith & Wesson model 10 .38-caliber revolver. Their teacher, Wendy Robinson, quickly called the police. Rust prevented the police from reading the serial number on the gun, but they estimate the weapon is between ten and 20 years old. Scientists at the state police crime laboratory will try to clean the gun and identify its owner. “It is an odd place to bury a gun. Maybe somebody just wanted to get it out of sight for a little while and had an intention of coming back to get it. It certainly wasn’t buried too far in the ground. It almost seems like somebody hid it in haste,” said Sgt. William Panto.