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Possible German U-Boat Discovered in Indonesian Waters

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Indonesian U BoatYOGYAKARTA, INDONESIA—The wreckage of what may be a German U-boat has been found in the Java Sea. A team made up of experts from Indonesia’s National Archaeology Center, the Yogyakarta Archaeology Center, and the Yogyakarta Diving Center has found two plates printed with the Nazi swastika within the vessel, in addition to human remains, a telescope, and shoes. Two U-boats are known to have sunk in the Java Sea during World War II. “We suspect that the submarine we’ve found is the U-168, which was built in Germany in 1942,” said underwater archaeologist Shinatria Adhityatama of the National Archaeology Center. The U-168 was hit by a torpedo fired by a Dutch submarine in 1944.