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Artifacts Suggest Philistines Settled in Jordan

Friday, January 24, 2014

(University of Gothenburg)

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN—Links to the Sea Peoples, or Philistines, have been discovered in a building dating to 1100 B.C. unearthed at Jordan’s Tell Abu al-Kharaz. The Sea Peoples, descended from Southern or Eastern Europeans, settled in the Eastern Mediterranean. “We have, for instance, found pottery resembling corresponding items from Greece and Cyprus in terms of form and decoration, and also cylindrical loom weights for textile production that could be found in central and south-east Europe around the same time,” said Peter Fischer of the University of Gothenburg. The large, well-preserved stone building had two levels and defensive walls. “What surprises me the most is that we have found so many objects from far away. This shows that people were very mobile already thousands of years ago,” he added.