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Update: Mastaba Tomb Yields Additional Artifacts

Monday, February 10, 2014

DAKAHLIYA, EGYPT—The remains of three more people from the Late Egyptian period have been found in a mastaba tomb at Tel El-Tabila, according to an announcement by Mohamed Ibrahim, Egypt’s Minister of State for Antiquities. Two of them had been mummified, and were found in anthropoid limestone coffins. The first, from the 26th Dynasty, had been damaged by high levels of humidity. Both coffins had been accompanied by wooden boxes filled with ushabti figurines. Ahram Online also reports that all of the bodies were accompanied by amulets, including one depicting Amun, Horus, and Neftis; a heart-shaped scarab; an Alba bird made of bronze; and 12 amulets featuring the Udjat eye of Horus.