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Village Linked to Sutton Hoo Found in England

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rendelsham GoldScrapPiecesSUFFOLK, ENGLAND—Archaeologists have announced the discovery of a seventh-century royal village in Rendlesham, four miles northeast of the Anglo-Saxon burial site of Sutton Hoo. Fragments of jewelry and coins have been found at the village site, which covers more than 100 acres of farmland. The Saxon historian the Venerable Bede wrote of “the king’s country-seat of Rendlesham,” but its exact location was unknown until the landowner became concerned about treasure hunters on his property and called the archaeology until of the Suffolk county council. The scientists used aerial photography, soil analysis, ground-penetrating radar, and metal detectors to investigate the area. “It shows there were high-status people at the site and there was trading with places that were very far away. It is fascinating and very exciting,” Mike Argent, chairman of the Sutton Hoo Society, told EADT24