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Shipwreck Off the Coast of Florida Identified

Thursday, March 27, 2014

ST. AUGUTSTIINE, FLORIDA—Archaeologists have identified a shipwreck off the coast of St. Augustine, as the Deliverance, named for a ship built by English explorers wrecked in Bermuda in the seventeenth century. “We first visited this wreck site in 2008, and we’ve kept an eye on it since then as numerous storms over the years have exposed the ribs and keel in the sand,” Chuck Meide, director of the St. Augustine Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program told News 4 Jax. A January storm uncovered enough of the schooner that Meide and his team were able to compare the wreckage to historical information. An article in an English-language newspaper in Singapore helped them narrow the search down to the Deliverance, which traveled between Jacksonville, Florida, and Bermuda, until it ran aground during a storm in 1947.