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Bread Ovens Unearthed at England’s Goldingham Hall

Friday, June 13, 2014


Access-Cambridge-ExcavationBULMER, ENGLAND—Volunteers assisted archaeologists from Access Cambridge Archaeology with an excavation at Goldingham Hall, where features had been located last year during geophysical surveys. The group uncovered a large complex dating to the late Anglo-Saxon or Norman period that contained a food preparation area with six bread ovens, and a series of ditches filled with burnt pottery and bones. “Many finds were discovered, including an in situ medieval arrowhead, and most incredibly, a ‘flint face’ found at the bottom of the post hole of the structure. We are wondering if this could have been a good-luck charm placed in the foundations of the building,” Nick Moore, a committee member of Stour Valley Community Archaeology, told EADT 24