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Medieval Manor House and Buildings Unearthed in England

Friday, August 08, 2014

(Framland Local Archaeology Group)LEICESTERSHIRE, ENGLAND—A tithe barn and shop buildings have been discovered at the site of a medieval manor house in central England’s village of Croxton Kerrial. “We have the house and when we stripped off the topsoil, we found a tithe barn measuring 85 feet long by 23 feet wide which we are in the process of excavating. We have also excavated an area of cobbled stones surrounded by buildings, which we believe would have been a dairy, a blacksmiths, and a bakery,” Tony Connolly, chair of the Framland Local Archaeology Group, told BBC News. The team also recovered a metal strap end for a belt engraved with a dragon, and the pieces of a twelfth-century jug from a well containing “beautifully clear water.”