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Farming in Medieval Scotland

Friday, August 22, 2014

farm-barn-scotland-late-medievalABERDEENSHIRE, SCOTLAND—A new picture of the late medieval farming life is emerging in northwest Scotland, according to a report in the Press and Journal. During excavations near an electrical substation, archaeologists surveying the area discovered the well-preserved remains of a barn which they were able to date the structure using the remains of charcoal and burnt bone they also found at the site. What makes the site rare and special, says archaeologist Maureen Kilpatrick of Guard Archaeology, is that “discoveries like this rarely survive in rural areas as the ground is usually used for rural purposes and is ploughed or used for cattle or livestock.” For a glimpse of what Scotland's medieval residents really looked like, go to ARCHAEOLOGY'S "Faces of Medieval Scots Reconstructed."