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Phoenician Artifacts Recovered Off Coast of Malta

Monday, August 25, 2014

Phoenician-Wreck-MaltaVALLETTA, MALTA—Scientists from the French National Research Agency and Texas A&M University are part of a team that has recovered 20 Phoenician grinding stones and 50 amphorae about one mile off the coast of Malta’s Gozo Island. Timothy Gambin of the University of Malta told the Associated Press that the ship was probably traveling between Sicily and Malta when it sank ca. 700 B.C. The team will continue to look for other artifacts and parts of the vessel, which sits at a depth of almost 400 feet and is one of the oldest shipwrecks to be discovered in the central Mediterranean. To read about a Phoenician shipwreck excavated off the coast of Spain, see ARCHAEOLOGY's online exclusive "History's 10 Greatest Wrecks."