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Construction Site Yields Colonial-Era Graves and Coins

Monday, March 04, 2013

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA—Thirty-seven graves thought to date to the colonial era have been found at a construction site in downtown Charleston. “If the date of the burials is what we think they are—the early eighteenth century—it would be the earliest group of people that anyone’s had the opportunity to look at here in Charleston,” said archaeologist Eric Poplin. Two coins were also recovered near the remains of an adult and a child. “The coins themselves, we can’t tell what they are. They’re too corroded at this point, but later on we’ll do some analysis, clean them up and we might be able to get some information off them,” Poplin added. The coins will eventually be reburied with the skeleton. Be sure to watch the raw footage of Poplin at work at the site.