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Apollo-Era Technology Recovered From Sea Floor

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Apollo Engine(Bezos Expeditions)CAPE CANAVERAL, FLORIDA—Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, assembled a team that has recovered pieces of the powerful Saturn V moon rocket engines from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, more than 13,000 feet underwater. None of the engines are complete—the impact of hitting the water at a high rate of speed mangled them, and salt water has corroded many of the serial numbers from the components. Bezos’s goal had been to recover the engines from the Apollo 11 flight, but without serial numbers, it will be impossible to identify the specific rocket propelled by the engine parts. The team will try to reassemble one or two complete engines from what is available for museum display. The engines remain the property of NASA. For video of a Remotely Operated Vehicle at work recovering an Apollo F-1 engine, visit the Bezos Expeditions website.