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Two 6th-Dynasty Tombs Discovered Near Saqqara

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Saqqara Tomb Discovery

SAQQARA, EGYPT—Two 6th Dynasty tombs have been discovered at the site of Tabit El-Geish, according to an announcement made by Egypt’s Minister of Antiquities. Both tombs are painted with offering scenes. The first tomb belonged to a priest named Ankhti, the second to a priest named Sabi. Their skeletal remains had been scattered, suggesting that the tombs had been robbed and vandalized in antiquity. Alabaster jars, colored limestone offerings, and pottery were also found. Vassil Dobrev, director of the mission for the Institut Français d’archéologie Orientale, told the Luxor Times that the upper part of the tombs were built with mud brick and the burial chambers were cut out of the white limestone bedrock. To read in-depth about the discovery of another Egyptian funerary site, see "Tomb of the Chantress."