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Interactive Map: Norway

There are mountains plunging into the sea from hundreds of meters, there are fjords, tall mountain peaks, northern lights and midnight sun. There are uniquely Norwegian Stave Churches, UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Travel back in time and learn about Norway's rich heritage, including Vikings and the Sami. A lot is known about what Viking life was like a thousand years ago, and you can experience a little of Viking life today, in a village (Lofotr Viking Village) or a museum (Viking Ship Museum, Oslo). The Sami are Norway's indigenous people, and have been living in northern Scandinavia for over 10,000 years. Travel to Northern Norway to experience their culture.

Come see why Norway is
Powered by Nature.

A journey with the iconic Hurtigruten offers the best views at a gentle pace - it is the ideal way to discover Norway's varied coastal landscape. Take the whole cruise from Bergen to Kirkenes and back. The journey takes 11 days. Or hop on and off as you wish. You can also join for a short trip anywhere along the route. There are archaeological, cultural and historical sites to see in destination. of the ports. Check out the cities on the map by scrolling over the name and linking out to the port for more information.
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