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Ancient Tattoos

Body art has been a meaningful form of expression throughout the ages

November/December 2013

tattoos-package-imageThe practice of adorning the body with images and symbols has become nearly ubiquitous in our time, and the reasons for getting a tattoo are enormously varied and highly personal. It was no less so in antiquity as can be seen in this survey of body art that spans thousands of years and an array of cultures—each a unique demonstration of the ways in which peoples across the globe chose to express themselves.

Ceramic Female Figurine
Ă–tzi, the Iceman
Faience Figurine and Bowl
Dogu Figurine
Lapita Fragment and Engraving
Red-Figure Vessel
Moche Mask and Mummy
Hollow Ceramic Figurines
Head Effigy Pot
Ibaloi Mummy
Iron Age Mummy
Tarim Basin Mummy
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